Latest Release: Posted Friday, February 27, 2009
Version 4.0.1 Download Page

This is another MAJOR RELEASE. We've added search capability to the front page so users can search by guest, topic and keywords. We've also added upload capability so it becomes almost an audio blog.

We've also made it easier to upgrade: basically open the tarball, run the database upgrade utility and you're done. People are time-shifting more and more. People are using iPods instead of boom-boxes. An archive is an essential tool for any radio station. Or anyone who wants to reach the world.

You can see it now at
KPFT, Houston
WBAI, New York
KPFK-FM, Los Angeles, California
KMUD-FM, Garberville, California
WORT-FM, Madison, Wisconsin
WJFF Radio Catskill, Jeffersonville, New York